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EFnet Round Robin Blues

“Over the past few days, the dude who runs the ‘’ round robin decided that he was tired of running it, and removed all the servers from the list”, Doug announced on“It now only sends users to his one IRC server. Some admins were clearly upset, and one even called for the delink of the dude’s server.”

EFnet’s loosely structure allows admins to own a broad range of domains such as,, and and give them the freedom to do with the domain how they feel like.

Once the roundrobin was changed, Doug setup a new roundrobin on

The owner of is brad/jafo/paragod who runs the server, which was the only server left in the roundrobin. The effects of that change can be found on this statistics page. In short, the change increased his number of users from a few hundred to over 4k.

“There was no discussions about possible delink,” one EFnet admin who asked to remain anonymous explained to IRC-Junkie. “.. as it didn’t have time to escalate to that before he realized how stupid it was and pointed it back to all open efnet servers. We have mailed mirc asking for to be official rr in the future to avoid this again. Mirc already have as us rr.”

The admin also sparked off a discussion before after starting to sell shells with the domain name, making it look like an official service.

“A year back he put the domain out for sale seeing how much he could get for it, no one went high enough but that says something about his standards”, the anonymous EFnet admin concludes.

IRC-Junkie tried to contact Brad for a reaction but got no reply.

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