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Anope releases 1.8.0-stable of their IRC services package

The Anope project announces the availability of version 1.8.0, the new stable release of their IRC services package.

It’s been a long couple of years, with many changes both to the product and indeed to the team as a whole.

For those of you with Modules which won’t work beyond 1.7.21 we understand your plight and will be available to assist module authors if they need a hand revising their mods for general consumption.

We want everyone to move away from 1.7.x as a development branch and join us on -stable. (with your modules of course!)

Below is the complete changelog since version 1.7.24:

10/19 F Updated Anope Credits [ #00]
11/12 F Fixed a potential problem with NS ACCESS and UseRDB [ #00]
11/14 F Fixed two potential format vulnerabilities. [ #00]
11/15 F Fixed ns resending of passcode issue. [#964]
12/05 F Fixed session count being decremented twice on GHOST. [#969]
12/05 F Fixed CS setting +i when akicking a user from an empty channel. [#973]
12/07 F Fixed improper detection of ‘d’ usermode on UnrealIRCd. [#966]
12/20F Fixed crashbug in db-merger. [ #00]
12/29 F Fixed incorrect merging when db-merger is given arguments. [#976]
12/29 F Fixed akicklist not being reordered after a nickcore is dropped. [#983]

Provided by Julien S. <SnakeBrothers [at] hotmail [dot] com> – 2008
11/14 F Fixed BotInfo::chancount not being set properly with UseRDB [#965]

Provided by Szymek <szymek [at] adres [dot] pl> – 2008
10/25 F Updated Polish language file translation. [ #00]

Provided by Kein <kein-of [at] yandex [dot] ru> – 2008
10/25 F Updated Russian language file translation [#959]

Closing their announcement they “once again wish our loyal users all the very best in this holiday season and for all to have a successful year in 2009.”

Files can be grabbed from here.

Of course all the best wishes for 2009 from too – have a nice festive season!

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