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Twitter and IRC – Posting Tweets from the comfort of your IRC client

Hack a Day has an interesting article on how to write Tweets from within your IRC client.

Sounds good? But how?

The article (and one comment) mention 2 methods on how to achieve this – one would be by using a local IRCd written in PERL and another one by using a bot in a channel.

The bot seems to be a bit more of a “bare bone” approach since all of the features it currently supports is is posting Tweets by issueing commands like “!t your message goes here” after you make it connect to the server of your choice and joining a channel you told it to.

The IRCd approach on the other hand lets you do a little bit more than that:

Updating your own status is as easy as posting a message to the channel which will then be put into the topic. But that’s not all – direct messages can be sent by simply sending a private message to that user. /whois’ing the user will show their latest status update, bio, location and website – /whois’ing yourself will show all of that and the number of API calls you made within the last hour.

Users you follow will automatically join the channel once they update their status – if you follow them using tircd they’ll be there instantly.

Another handy feature is following and unfollowing users, all without ever leaving your IRC client – Want to follow someone? /invite them to the channel. Unfollowing users can be done by kicking them from the channel.

The project seems to be under pretty active development and according to their issue tracker there already seems to be another exciting and customary feature in the making – Blocking users by issuing a simple /ban on them.

Verdict: If you are a Twitter addict and an IRC Junkie at the same time there’s no way around tircd, for the occasional Tweet from IRC you should use the irctotwit bot.

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