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Major Piracy Bust in Europe (updated 27 Jan 2006)

Tuesday morning at around 10 AM police entered the homes of about 300 individuals in Germany, Austria, Holland, Poland and the Czech Republic. Thirty individuals have been arrested in this action and 20 servers have been confiscated.

According to the German anti-piracy organization GVU the goal of this action was the top-level warez organizations, the so-called ‘top servers’. It are these servers where pirated movies, software and music are first available to a selected few after which they spread down the line and become available to the general public on p2p networks, news groups and IRC.

According to the GVU, who led the bust, several key piracy groups have been eliminated such as Unreality, DRAGON and Cinemaniacs. Rumors on the Internet also speak of servers being confiscated at these groups: RELOADED, KNIGHTS, TFCiSO, Cinemaniacs, German-Friend, ParadieseBeach and Klapsmuehle.

The GVU has said in a  press release that the biggest bust was done in Vienna, Austria where one server has been confiscated with 28 separate harddrives connected to the server with optic cable, offering a total of 4 terabyte space.

Although GVU is convinced  that they made a severe blow to these groups, it is usually thought that shortly after such busts the top people who have not been arrested will pull them self back from the scene, and people further down the line will organize them self again after a few months to continue the operation.

Update: is reporting what some of the people have been adding as comments to this post already. It seems that the actions taken by the GVU them self have been very questionable themself.

German police have raided an office of the GVU in Hamburg and a personal house of a ‘high profile’ employee of the organization.

The GVU is supposed to have contributed hardware and money to one of the ‘top sites’ admins in change of logfiles. Rumors are even going around that the GVU supplied pirated titels. The German police have said in a statement about the raid that it was performed to ‘verify’ the evidence given by the GVU.

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