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Denora 1.4.0 Released

“Yes. Oh, yes… It’s there,” the Denora website announced. “Over two years and 9 months after the last stable release, we now finally set the next major version in the wild: Denora 1.4.0! There have been hundreds of changes, improvements and fixes. We believe Denora 1.4 will bring you a more reliable and satisfying experience.”

Denora is an IRC server and network statistics package. Derived from Thales and Anope it is linked to the network as an IRC services server. Denora developer Hal9000 explains: “Basically Denora connects to its uplink ircd and fetches information about servers, channels and users. This information is partially stored in flat files and can be used to generate an HTML file, or requested via an XMLRPC interface. But the most interesting part perhaps is Denora’s ability to connect to an SQL server. Besides the basic stuff that is also stored in flatfiles, in SQL mode Denora can assign a Bot to a channel and let it monitor how much users talk and so on. This information can be used in a number of ways, the most common being via phpDenora, which is a parallel project that provides a web frontend to Denora. Also, Denora allows the addition of modules. Because of the code similarity to Anope, people familiar with coding for Anope should find at ease writing modules for Denora as well.”

It took almost 3 years to release this new stable version. IRC-Junkie asked Hal9000 why it took this long. “First I believe we were a bit too careful about releasing Denora 1.2 back in 2006, as it already was superior to version 1.1. Then we had a server hard drive crash, which ruined our SVN repository. So we had to basically go on from what we had, not really knowing what had been changed when and how. Last but not least, the founder Trystan decided to leave the project, and other devels/testers became less active.”

Hal9000 plans to release minor 1.4.x versions over time so users will not have to wait this long anymore.

Denora 1.4 is now considered stable on Unreal 3.2 and InspIRCd 1.1 networks, Nefarious, ircu and other p10-based ircds are considered to work “pretty well” with this new release.

There is no release yet for Windows. Hal9000 explains: “We got an issue with *printf functions, making Denora crash when trying to compose some longer SQL queries. We still have little clue about how to fix this, but I hope that we’ll get some help from experienced windows C coders :)

  • Kein says:

    Can’t wait for MySQL fix under Windows >_>

    October 29, 2008 at 1:42 pm

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