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Smuxi 0.7.0 released – now with Twitter functionality

Smuxi 0.7.0“the user-friendly and cross-platform IRC client for sophisticated users for GNOME / GTK+” – has just been released.

Smuxi is a client that seperates its core and GUI so you don’t necessarily need to run both on the same machine which, if you run the core on a server, gives you bouncer-like features like being always online.

One of the new features introduced with this release, amongst a host of bugfixes and new features, is support for the microblogging service Twitter.

Since it is the first release to have that functionality, the features for Twitter it provides¬† are still a bit sparse: “It supports the friends timeline, replies view, and direct messages. The character counter, Reply-To feature, and avatar support will follow in later releases”.

Smuxi Twitter timeline

Smuxi Twitter timeline

The core has had a few improvements too and Smuxi is now able to “flawlessly handle network connections with high latency which are common with UMTS, WLAN, and busy DSL and cable lines”. Further, “all communication between the Smuxi frontend and the Smuxi server is now done as a background task using threads. This gives Smuxi a very responsive feel – just like a normal, locally running application – even with difficult network conditions”.

Smuxi channelview and userlist popup

Smuxi channelview and userlist popup

Additionally the used color-scheme has been reworked so “that the text colors used in the tabs are easily readable, regardless of your GTK theme.¬† It does this by using the proven-reliable color-contrast algorithm used by Smuxi to generate nick colors”.

The full changelog is a tad long to include, but you can find it here and the download for the platform of your choice can be found here.

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