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ngIRCd 16 has been released

Alexander Barton of the ngIRCd project just announced on their mailing-list the immediate availability of version 16 of their IRC daemon.

After 1 month of testing and 2 release candidates, the final release is available to download and use.

The most notable changes since ngIRCd version 15 according to the announcement are various fixes to the build system and code cleanups, a new numeric (RPL_STATSCONN 250) that displays a few enhanced connection statistics to clients on connect and adding the missing documentation for the “Password” variable.

ngIRCd has gained WEBIRC support that is used for various Webchat-clients such as Mibbit and the limit that previously restricted the number of possible IRCOps has been removed.

Channelmode +z has been introduced as well – with that mode set only clients that are connected over a SSL-encrypted connection can join that channel, clients that already are present on that channel are not checked and therefore are allowed to stay – the same goes for clients joining from a remote server that does not support CMODE +z.

The download for ngIRCd 16 can be found here and the changelog is available here.

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