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XChat 2.8.8 is available for download

Peter “zed” Železný, the author of the popular GPL’d XChat IRC client announced that a new version of it is available for download.

XChat 2.8.8 adds a whole host of bugfixes and stability improvements to the already pretty stable IRC client. Users of the freenode IRC network may find a particular bugfix that works around a problem with auto-joining keyed channels on ircd-seven interesting.

The default server list has been expanded with the addition of 4 new networks and the tray icon notifying of new messages, highlights and such has seen a refresh. Growl-style notifications can now be set to be shown for a certain length using the /set input_balloon_time option.

XChat 2.8.8 New icon & Growl-style notification

XChat 2.8.8 New icon & Growl-style notification

Writers of Perl scripts that use the client will find a large number of improvements and the changelog also cites “various text event changes” such as the addition of “Private Action”, “Private Action to Dialog” and “SSL Message” - for a complete list of all changes in this release take a look at zeds announcement on the XChat forums.

The full changelog, consisting of all commits, can be found here. The download as sourcecode can be obtained from here and there also are official .rpms for Fedora 13.

The official Windows build has not been updated yet – however the unofficial XChat-WDK already has a 2.8.8 binary release ready [Update: The official Windows builds are using an other code-base than this, see clarification from viktor below - thanks!].

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  • viktor says:

    many thanks for mentioning xchat-wdk. however, i’d like to point it out that xchat 2.8.8 is a unix (“source”) release.

    unix releases always have even minor version numbers, while windows releases always have odd numbers (and a letter following, usually).

    official windows releases are built from different sources than this unix-centric code. that means, the official windows release won’t necessarily be updated in the near future. and even if it will be, it won’t be the same as any other unofficial build, coz unofficial builds use the unix sources (since that’s the only available option).

    but of course i encourage everyone to give xchat-wdk a try. if you don’t need ssl or python, it’s really fine IMHO.

    May 31, 2010 at 2:28 am

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