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Annual Celebration of Network Staff Stupidity at Chatspike

Code mixups, typo’s or any other error from time to time has an effect greater then anticipated by the staff member who performed the error.

“Human error happened and banned everyone from the network,” Chatspike staff member w00t starts to explain to IRC-Junkie. Chatspike staff member Brain typoed a hostmask and the entire network was recognized as a litmus trojan, and banned as consequence. The whole network had to be restarted in order to fix the error.“We’ve decided to make it somewhat of an annual celebration of staff stupidity,” w00t continued. “We have designated October the 28th ‘Blame Brain Day’, and it’s become a network wide holiday and celebration, It also serves as a reminder to users that just because we may have power, all opers are still human and prone to screw ups.”

The day also includes a contest where users can send in images or video’s depicting Brain making his now annually celebrated error. Amongst the prices are a virtual host, non-expiring nick and the ability to see users who /whois you. More information about the contest can be found on the Chatspike website.

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