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GameSurge turns 5

The GameSurge network turns 5 years today as admin pb announces on their homepage.

But, as they write in the announcement “unlike your birthday (we hope, anyway), instead of you giving US presents, well, we’re giving YOU some!”.

He continues to write that they will have “a little party on IRC in #5thAnniversary” and that they’re “doing random giveaways”. Those will consist of “a ton of Left4Dead swag or some RazerZone gear” and he says that you “can’t go wrong no matter what”.

Their contest page has a little more information about the upcoming and planned events:

In addition to the small random giveaways on IRC, we have two different contests lined up, each with multiple (bigger) prizes, and yes, you may enter both of them. Both contests are open to all people who are 13 or older (Sorry, kids), not currently banned from GameSurge for breaking the rules, and living in the US (or anywhere else in the world if you’re willing to pay for shipping if you win – my minimum wage job won’t cover a bunch of packages to Europe, sorry).

The first contest will be limited to “simply a random drawing” held on IRC and is open to “AuthServ accounts over 30 days old” with “one entry per household” and of course “multiple entries will result in your disqualification”.

The grand prize is “an assortment of Left4Dead swag from Valve, including a very large mouse pad, a long-sleeved L4D shirt, L4D hat, L4D stickers, poster, and whatever else will fit in the package”. Second, Third and other places in this contest will get “a shirt and/or hat, stickers, and posters until I run out, all in all there being about 10 prizes total from this contest”.

The second contest is “is open to AuthServ accounts of any age” and is said to be “a little trickier”.

This time, it’s creativity that counts. They want you to “submit a story, draw a picture, make a video, sing a song, etc. Just show us something that creatively tells about your experiences on GameSurge”. Winners in this contest “will receive a copy of Valve’s Left4Dead for the XBox 360, as well as the same grand prize package from the other drawing” and the “runners up in this contest will also get something similar to the other contest, mostly consisting of shirts and/or hats, stickers, posters, but also TF2 collectible card packs”.

So join in but be aware of that last sentence in the announcement that likes you to “note that anybody who rick rolls the judging team will be disqualified, most likely G-Lined, and possibly voodoo hexed as well”.

Good luck to all participants!

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