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ircd-ratbox releases version 3.0.5

ircd-ratbox, the “advanced, stable and fast ircd” which is “the primary ircd used on EFNet” just released version 3.0.5 in their testing tree.

The release is purely a bugfix release as there are no new features been announced to come with it.

The changelog is as follows:

- fix a bug with reading help files
- add debugging in for dealing with a kline removal bug
- fix /rehash tdlines and /rehash bans so they actually do something with dlines
- compute the number of file descriptors passed correctly on freebsd/amd64 (and probably others)
- check for compiler support for various warning flags and add them
- add -fno-strict-aliasing as this is now needed for gcc 4.4
- GNUTLS code now picks up new keys/certificates on rehash

The download can be obtained here.

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