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ratbox-services version 1.2.2 released

ratbox-services, a services package for use with IRCd-ratbox is now available as version 1.2.2 in their stable tree.

ratbox services logo

ratbox services logo

They are “highly configurable, with nearly all options being set in a config that can be rehashed rather than set at compile time. It also uses the SQLite database backend, which works as a database interface to a normal file, meaning no seperate database software must be running”.

The new version, aside from various bugfixes, also contains a fix for a potential user-triggerable crashbug.

According to the changelog, this crash could be triggered by “a user changing their email address with userserv” so this is a recommended upgrade if you are running these services.

The download for version 1.2.2 can be found here.

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