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Atheme IRC Services 5.2.0 released

The Atheme project just tagged version 5.2.0 of their IRC services package which contains quite a few interesting changes from the previous version, 5.1.1.

Atheme IRC Services Logo

Atheme IRC Services Logo

Atheme 5.2.0 introduces a new database format called “OpenSEX” which is available as a technology preview in this release and will be mandatory once Atheme 6.0 is released. According to developer nenolod, the revised format was introduced to “remove legacy stuff and provide an extendable API“.

HostServ gained the OFFER command which allows opers to – surprise – offer vHosts to their users. All of ChanServ and NickServs SET commands are now seperate modules which can be loaded individually, allowing networks fine-grained choosing of which functionality they provide to their users.

When users register, NickServ can now make use of CrackLib which checks for weak passwords and either warns the user or even prevents registering when it determined the password isn’t secure.

The converter for databases from IRCServices has been improved and now is “generally more robust”. The rate-limiting feature has been expanded and now supports limiting commands to HostServ/Request, ChanServ/Register and NickServ/Register to prevent the services server from being overloaded.

The complete changelog can be found here and the download is available here.

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