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InspIRCd releases 1.2.0rc2 "PepperSteik"

Little over 4 weeks after their last release of rc1 in the 1.2 branch, the InspIRCd project announces a new release candidate of their IRCd.

The release, called “PepperSteik”, is a recommended update since it – among a few new features – also fixes a security issue were other linked IRCds wouldn’t have their password checked on connect. There also have been a few bugs fixed which further adds to the IRCds stability.

Developer w00t calls the following items the “most notable new features” in this release:

  • Add fantasy:allowbots (to allow +B users to use fantasy <alias> commands)
  • Allow forced nick changes to override mode +N, nicklock, etc
  • Allow non-opers to use /MKPASSWD
  • Add /SAKICK command (provided by m_sakick)
  • Operoverride OTHERMODE is no longer required in addition MODEOP to op/deop/etc. people

Another developer nicknamed danieldg has joined the development team since the last release – w00t thanks him “for his sterling contributions over the past week” and hopes that he “feels welcome and will stay around for a very long time”.

The full changelog can be found here and the direct link to the download is here. There currently is no Windows binary build available due to them “not having the usual build infrastructure in place” but it will be provided “as soon as is possible”.

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